It all starts with an idea

Every day, ideas are born. Ideas to start a business. Change a community. Transform the world. But ideas alone are not enough.

Pitch began with a belief that when people come together around an idea, and are empowered by the right software, great things can happen. Great is more than the sum of its parts: just like a great team is more than a collection of individuals and great presentations are more than a collection of slides. Great is a little slice of magic (and you know it when you see it).

Great software drives our modern lives. We use Slack, not email. We jump on a Zoom call, not on the phone. So why are we still using presentation software that was designed last century?

Christian Reber

Founder & CEO

Charlette Prevot

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Jan Martin

Co-Founder & Designer

Eric Labod

Co-Founder & QA Engineer

Marvin Labod

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

Adam Renklint

Co-Founder & CTO

Vanessa Stock

Co-Founder & Head of HR

Misha Karpenko

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

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